What’s in a name?

We’ve received a few questions on our meaning behind our name – Predicate Academy – and here’s our thinking..

There are two basic uses of the word predicate.

  • Grammar – one of two parts of a sentence where the predicate “completes the idea” of the  subject.

Mike reads the book.
Bob laughed.

  • Logic – where the predicate can be seen as “functions over arguments”.

read(Mike, Book)

Both meanings imply an action. This is one of our core values for the company – so much of our educational process is rooted on the act of doing.  And for those that write code, thinking about “predicates” are a daily part of life.

∀ youth → Ε  x : desire(build(x) ∧ code(x) ∧ innovate(x))

For all youth (∀ youth) there exists (Ε ) a subset ( x) such that (:) the desire to build, code, and innovate (desire(build(x) ∧ code(x) ∧ innovate(x)) is true.