What’s in the box?

studio-webWelcome to a new season! All innovators in our seasonal program purchase a Raspberry Pi Computer Kit – a credit card sized computer that can also be utilized at home.

Predicate’s Raspberry Pi computer kit includes a Raspberry Pi 3 – Model B, a case for the Pi, USB power adapter, 8GB microSDHC card preloaded with Raspbian and Predicate software. The Computer kit costs $65 and is used in all classes that we teach. You can even use it as your computer at home! Click here to purchase the kit and we’ll reach out to schedule a time to assemble everything.

Raspberry Pi’s are great devices to learn the fundamentals of coding. You’ll child will use the Pi with us at our studio and can use their Pi to continue coding at home.  We encourage all of our innovators to spend a little extra time at home to reinforce some of the concepts we teach in class and it’s not hard to get started.